Wednesday, 25 February 2015

640-916 - DCICT Introducing Cisco Exam Data Center Test Technologies Questions


For CISCO 640-916 Test Questions and Answers

Exam Section 1 - Cisco Data Center Fundamentals Concepts Questions (Test Coverage 30%)
Exam Section 2 - Data Center Unified Fabric Questions (Test Coverage 20%)
Exam Section 3 - Storage Networking Questions (Test Coverage 18%)
Exam Section 4 - DC Virtualization Questions (Test Coverage 14%)
Exam Section 5 - Unified Computing Questions (Test Coverage 17%)
Exam Section 6 -
Data Center Network Services Questions (Test Coverage 1%)
  • (Test Time): 90 minutes
  • (Number of Test Questions): 65-75
  • (640-916 Passing Score): 73%
The 640-916 exam DCICT Introducing Cisco Test Data Center Technologies is one of the test associated with the CCNA Datacenter Test Certification. This 640-916 exam tests a candidate's knowledge of fundamental Data center technologies test like network and server Virtualization, Storage, Convergent I/O and network services questions like load balancing.

You will be tested for:

  • Describe network architectures for the exam 640-916 Data Center test describe the purpose and functions of various network devices questions
  • LAN test
  • SAN exam
  • Describe the Modular Approach test in Network Design
  • Describe the data center core layer
  • Describe the data center aggregation layer questions
  • Describe the data test center access layer
  • Describe the collapse core model
  • Describe FabricPath Exam
  • Identify key differentiator questions between DCI and network test interconnectivity
  • Describe FCoE Exam
  • Describe FCoE multihop
  • Describe VIFs questions
  • Describe FEX test products
  • Perform initial set up
  • Describe initiator questions target
  • Verify SAN switch operationst
  • Describe basic SAN connectivityt
  • Describe the different storage array connectivity
  • Verify name server logint test
  • Describe, Configure and verify zoning
  • Perform initial set up questions
  • Describe, Configure and verify VSAN
  • Describe device test virtualization
  • Describe server virtualization
  • Describe Server Virtualization
  • Describe Nexus 1000v Exam
  • Verify initial set up and operation for Nexus 1k
  • Describe standard questions ACE features for load balancing
  • Describe Server load balancing Virtual Test Context and HA
  • Describe Server load balancing Exam Management Options
  • Describe the benefits of Cisco Exam Global Load Balancing Solution
  • Describe how the Cisco Test Global Load Balancing Solution integrate with local Cisco questions load balancers
  • Describe Cisco Exam WAAS need and advantages in the Test Data Center

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